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Life is one, death is once. This was the motto of Georgi Panaiotov (a.k.a. Gogi, Joro, Arioch, Eeyore, Alastis, Spirit...). Unfortunately Joro's life turned out to be very short and he left us too soon - 12 april, 2010 :-(
This website was created by Georgi few years ago, and he was permanently developing its content and design. Now we, his family, friends and colleagues, decided to keep the website in its original look in Joro's memory. We'll also update the content with other Joro's works he never published here and also special section for memories, where everyone can share pictures, memories, events and stories connected with Joro. For suggestions or sharing something, please contact the current administrator of the website at master.gamgee@gmail.com

Joro's last introduction to his website can be seen below


This page (the main one) is the one I really don't like, but I cannot skip it. Maybe I have to write some welcome words, or something else, to fill few lines etc. Boring! I was never good in long writings. If I was I would become a writer.

In fact the only think, I would like to focus you at from here, are several sites of my friends. The bad news is that they are all in Bulgarian. I have no separated section for links on the site - I had before, but I found it useless - so I will write the sites here. Anyway if you want to find something in Internet, you will use a search engine, right?
But these few sites are not among those you will find easily. Maybe they are even out of your interests, but, please, take a look at them.

Armenelos - This is the first and only online Tolkien university.
Endorion - The best Bulgarian site, dedicated to J. R. R. Tolkien.
Melnibone - Finally I will put this little creation of mine, dedicated to Michael Moorcock.